All good things must come to an end and so does your association with Udyam. But as far as Udyam is concerned, only the financial commitment comes to an end and not necessarily the relationship that has been carefully nurtured over 7 to 8 years of time.Udyam hopes to see you as mentors in the years to come, such that you can help other Udyam Scholars to succeed. Firstly, congratulations to all of you for having successfully completed your respective degree programs.Udyam wishes you a great future ahead, both in your professional and personal lives. More than the academic success, Udyam is mighty pleased to see you transform into confident, beautiful people. Udyam firmly believes that you have developed right attitude and aptitude to become successful in your careers and that is the best outcome of mentoring you over a period of 8 years! Udyam inducted you into the scholarship program over 8 years ago when you were in your early teens. You did not know what was in store for you. You were, and for right reasons, apprehensive and tentative as to how Udyam would change your lives. You are not alone. Many others too felt the same. Today, be proud that Udyam stood by you not just to provide financial support, but moral and mentoring supportas well. Udyam alone cannot take the credit. All of you contributed equally in listening to our distinguished mentoring team members and worked hard, very hard indeed, to take corrective actions when the chips were down. Success depends on how well you make use of the advice and in taking corrective actions at the right time. Now that you are alumni of theUdyam Scholarship Program, Udyam expects you to demonstrate to the world that you are an “Udyam Scholar”. Be very proud to say that you are an Udyam Scholar and how you have benefitted from the scholarship program. Not all students of your age are that lucky. Use the “Udyam Scholar” name with pride, be it on your resumes, or when addressing people, or when you are in a company. Mentioning the “Udyam Scholar” name, people and companies will recognize you. Udyam firmly believes that Udyam Scholars will be preferred over others, if all other credentials are equal, when you apply for jobs or in promotions. Udyam wishes you every success and Udyam appreciates an opportunity to stay in touch.


Lavanya has successfully completed Industrial Engineering and Management at JSSIT, Bangalore.


Congratulations! Shalini has successfully completed Electronics and Communication from Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.


Congratulations! Varalakshmi has successfully completed Bcom from PES College, Bangalore.


Hemanth is pursuing his MBBS Degree at Bangalore Medical College, He is in Final Year(excepted date graduation-Feb-2019).


Congratulations! Balasubramanya has successfully completed Electronics and Communication from Rajarejeshwari College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Shri Swathi S

Congratulations! Shri Swathi has successfully completed Bcom from Jain College, Bangalore.

Chethan Kumar

Congratulations! Chethan Kumar has successfully completed Bcom from Vijaya College, Bangalore.


Completed Diploma in Computer Science presently working at a Startup, Bangalore